Welcome to Chicago Skeptics!

Featured Event: Skeptical Salon

Thursday, September 21
7:30 p.m.

Location: Jennifer & Jeff’s Place

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A group of skeptics inside the main lobby of Fermilab in Batavia, IL a group of skeptics pose with Tim Minchin outside after a concert. a man in a Bigfoot costume tries to look through a telescope. the back room at Black Rock is full of skeptics for a meetup. a small, white tabletop Christmas tree decorated with Surly-ramics a group of skeptics stand and lounge with George Hrab in Grant Park Dr. Steven Novella seated in the center of a group of people a table full of baked treats group photo of the Skepticamp planning committee, 2012 A group of people are led on a tour of the Yerkes Observatory, standing in the 40-inch dome. Chicago Skepticamp watches a screen projecting a live-stream of Escepticamp Madrid A group of people watch the docent in the lobby of the Yerkes Observatory. Photo of a room full of Skepticamp attendees at the Irish American Heritage Center closeup of square pins with the Chicago Skepticamp logo wide-room view of the attendees at Skepticamp in 2012. Group photo of skeptics seated at tables from above A gathering of skeptics in Jennifer Group photo of the Skepchickcamp planning committee a meetup at Black Rock a group of people gathered in chairs around a campfire. Groups of people at tables at the Brehon Pub for a Meetup. the back room of Black Rock is full of skeptics for a Meetup. A dozen skeptics pose with Marian Call after her concert. Skeptics gathered at tables at Simones to see if the rapture happens Ashley Hamer, Matt Lowry, James Randi, Katie Hovany and Jamie Bernstein at TAM 2012 Ashley plays saxophone and George plays guitar near a table for a small seated audience Large group of Chicago Skeptics holding a sign that says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. INFORMATION!" Jennifer Newport and George Hrab Group of 7 Chicago Skeptics in aprons and hairnets Jairus standing next to a screen that has an arrow pointing to him with the caption "SKEPTIPOPE" Festivus 2013 - Meetup at Union Park Lounge

Chicago Skeptics is an entirely volunteer-run, informal group promoting critical thinking and skeptical inquiry in and around Chicago. We’re coming up on 1,100 members on Meetup, over 500 skeptics in our Facebook group, and more than 400 Twitter followers. And that’s just online!

In real life, Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper our entirely participant-supported group hosts monthly Meetups (Skeptics in the Pub), book clubs, museum outings, an annual Skepticamp “un-conference” and so much more. We try to keep as many of our events as possible FREE and accessible to anyone who would like to attend.

We’ve got a pretty large geek quotient over here, so be prepared for more nerdy references and jokes. We’ve got a lot of ladies, but this ain’t a pickup joint. We all love a good science, but we’ve been known to get silly. And we haven’t found God yet, but we’re not an atheist group. Chicago Skeptics promotes skepticism, science, rationality and the free exchange of ideas among curious individuals.

We welcome your input, feedback and participation. Have an idea that would make Chicago Skeptics even more awesome? Contact us here.