Skepticamp 2014 Speakers – Benjamin Zalisko

Ben is a scientist, atheist activist, and musician from rural, southern Illinois. Primarily focused on the wellbeing of students, he founded chapters of the Secular Student Alliance at Elmhurst College and the University of Chicago. He has enjoyed public debates about religion at U of C, where he is currently finishing his PhD in biochemistry. He will continue to dedicate his life and career to the broad teaching of science and skeptical values.
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His Skepticamp talk is:
The Central Science: The Failure of Chemists to Engage the Public
Why does chemistry seems to lag so far behind the great traditions of public engagement like those in astrophysics, physics, and biology? Chemistry is the keystone of scientific literacy, however there remain cultural and technological challenges in meeting this need. Given its great importance, the resulting public ignorance and disinterest in chemistry yields broad and pervasive pseudoscientific ideas including homeopathy, GMO-phobia, crystal healing, and “organic” foods.

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