OF INTEREST: Chicago Science Festival

Saturday, May 14, 2016
10:00am – 5:00pm

Location: 1871 Chicago

Illinois Science Council invites you to the second annual Chicago Science Festival — a celebration of the wow-inspiring, mind-expanding, human-benefitting awesomeness that is S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering & math) research in the Chicago area. All events require tickets/registration, generally $10 in advance/$15 day of. All-Day passes give you access to all talks on Saturday, May 14 and are $30 in advance/$40 day of. (If all-day passes sell out, no individual tickets will be sold.) Advance ticket sales end at 6:00pm May 13, then get them at the door. Chicago Skeptics can get $10 off the all-day pass with the promo code SKEPTIC!

Here’s what the festival has in store for you:

Friday, May 13, 3:30-6pm 
This opening event of the 2016 Chicago Science Festival will feature a series of talks in which speakers will discuss how cutting-edge research can help address some of the biggest intellectual and societal challenges, and what the University of Chicago is doing to support bold scientific risk-taking. UChicago faculty from psychology, neuroscience, and physics will present their breakthrough ideas, and Monika Bickert, Head of Facebook’s Global Policy, will discuss how collaborations with research universities is crucial for solving pressing social issues. Friday’s event is free but space is limited. Registration is required.

Saturday, May 14, 10:00am – 5:00pm 
Saturday includes a full day of fascinating topics with engaging speakers and a free demo area. (Read the full listing with descriptions here.) You can purchase all-day passes giving you access to ALL talks and demos on May 14 or purchase tickets for individual speakers. (If all-day passes sell out, no individual tickets will be sold.) Advance ticket sales end at 6:00pm May 13, then get them at the door. Topics include:

Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, and Your Health – What? How? And When? 
Martha Hotz Vitaterna (Northwestern U) 10 – 11:00am

Chicago’s Urban Wildlife – What you might encounter in your neighborhood 
Liza Lehrer (Lincoln Park Zoo) 10-11:00am

Saving Monarchs and More – Trials, tribulations, and citizen science of tracking and saving species 
Doug Turon (Nature Museum) 11am – 12noon

The How & Why of Tracking the Invisible, Elusive Neutrino – from the sun, distant galaxies and particle accelerators 
Anne Schukraft (Fermilab) 11am – 12noon

Your Brain on Psychotropic Drugs 
Richard J. Miller (Northwestern U) 12noon – 1:00pm

The End of Water As We Know It 
Seth Darling (Argonne Lab) 1 – 2:00pm

Black Holes & Gravitational Waves – Why a massive galactic occurrence requires mind-blowingly precise detection 
Shane Larson (Adler & Northwestern U) 1 – 2:00pm

Microscopy and the Mystery of Pablo Picasso’s Paints 
Volker Rose (Argonne Lab) 2 – 3:00pm

Deep Ocean Research Adventure – Discovering life waaaay down under 
Janet Voight (Field Museum) 2 – 3:00pm

Holding Science in Your Hands – 3D printing at the interface of art and research 
Allan Drummond (UChicago) 3 – 4:00pm

The Science and Art of Risk Taking – Courage, Caution, and Free Will 
Kayt Sukel (Author) & Moran Cerf (Northwestern U) 3 – 4:00pm

The Physics of “Game of Thrones” 
Becky Thompson (American Physical Society) 4 – 5:00pm 

Hands-on Demo stations (which are free) to include:

  • Experience Virtual Reality from the world of Physics
  • Engineering of a vertical record player
  • Neuroscience experiments to mess with your brain
  • Manipulating internal human organs, digitally
  • 3-D printing up close
  • Edible Insects – The rest of the world loves nutritious protein, why don’t we? Try some!
  • Explore the Zooniverse! Scores of fun virtual ways to contribute to science research
  • Prosthetics limbs from RIC Center for Bionic Medicine
  • Miniature Fuel Cell Electric Cars

Get your tickets at http://chicagosciencefest.org/, and use the promo code SKEPTIC to get $10 off a Saturday all-day pass!

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