The Arrogance of Religious Thought

Saturday, February 18, 2017
12:30 PM

Location: The Rugby Club Pub

We have an author in our midst! Bill will join us again in February to talk about his newly-published book, The Arrogance of Religious Thought.

“[A] provocative, challenging, and irreverent expose’ of the obnoxious arrogance inherent in all religious thinking: condemning one another to eternal torment, relegating women and gays to second class citizenship, dividing humanity into arbitrary factions, sexual repression, denial of knowledge, promoting delusions of god and the afterlife, upholding phony patriarchal authority, claiming eternal truth without evidence, and child indoctrination. Religion is not good for the human race. We would be better off dropping these bad habits on which we give religion a free pass. We must stop lying to our children that religions are true. Information kills religion and this book is a call for more secular activism to increase the already considerable success of our 21st century New Enlightenment.”

About our speaker: William A. Zingrone is a PhD. Lecturer in Developmental Psychology with passionate research interests in Consciousness and Cognitive Evolution. My driving motivation is to dispel outdated religious based ideas about human nature that are ingrained in the folk beliefs of our modern culture. Father of four, in his 62nd year, hockey fan, information sponge, music lover, out to give religion the drubbing it deserves. Founder, faculty advisor and member of various campus and meetup secular organizations, Illinois chairman of the Secular Coalition for America.

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