OF INTEREST: March Against Myths 2017

Saturday, May 20
11:00 AM

Location: Berghoff Restaurant

Join March Against Myths in the continued struggle to #DefendScience!

We are being joined by special guests plant geneticist Karl Haro von Mogel and media personality/author Kavin Senapathy to help lead the event. Meet fun cool science people! We will help make this event fun and easy whether or not you have done a street demonstration before. There are a number of roles we have to offer and you get to decide how you would like to participate. The plans are secret though so just show up and get the details! See what a real-life MAM protest looks like and bear witness to the injustice so you can share that experience with others. Show the world that you rose up to DEFEND SCIENCE!

11:00 am – Meet n greet, get briefed with roles, warmup.
12:00 pm – Collaborative field demonstration
1:00 pm – March to Chicago Science Fest (MAMyths participants get $5 off tickets! http://www.illinoisscience.org/event/chicago-science-fest/ )

We are March Against Myths and we defend science through activism. This is a counter-protest against those who threaten public safety and security through their denial of the scientific consensus. We side with the scientific consensus in recognizing:

  • Vaccination is vital for disease prevention.
  • Genetic engineering is a safe & important technology.
  • Modern medicine improves the quality of life.
  • Human-caused global warming is real and needs to be mitigated.

This is your call to rise up with us in to continue the fight against the attack on science! ✊ Be a part of history, don’t miss it!

By registering to attend you agree to abide by the March Against Myths Code of Conduct:

PLEASE NOTE: This event is marked “of interest” as something our members might be interested in, but there is no formal, organized Meetup arranged yet. Interested in making it a “real” event? Let us know and you can be the point of contact for your fellow skeptics!

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