Our Goals

1.) Provide a place for discussion of current events in the various areas of skeptical endeavor, such as shedding light on pseudoscience, supporting science-based medicine, keeping up-to-date on cool science (yay evolution! yay astronomy!), and having a good laugh at some of the wackier stuff out there.

2.) Provide social activities for those who really, really like hanging out with people who share interest in these topics. We’ve brought George Hrab to town and he’s coming back! We’ve hung out with Skepchicks and Hemant Mehta!  We actively participated in Skepchicamp.  We swarmed TAM!

3.) An evolving goal is to start doing some grassroots skeptical activism or group volunteering activities.  These may be sporadic or a repeated commitment to a specific group.  Ideas are welcome!  Currently soliciting ‘action alerts’–current media issues that could use a skeptical response in the form of ‘letters to the editor.’