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March 27th, 9:09 pm  ·  

If you haven't looked at the Skeptical Salon selections in a while, go check it out! There are MORE books to vote for, new and improved with more representation from the ladies! Go vote more, again, and whatever's in the lead will be announced on Monday for the April Salon.

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March 26th, 9:29 pm  ·  

All kinds of awesomeness happening with the #GSoW and the #GSoWvaxproject this week. Must share with you all. As you can see from the photo, Charlie Sheen's Wikipedia page just got updated. smile emoticon
Following on the Anti-Vax theme, we released a brand new page for Stephanie Messenger's pro-measles book that is aimed at children. Melanie's Marvelous Measles. This was a team effort by GSoW, several of the Australian skeptics and a non-GSoW normal unnamed Wikipedia editor.

Greg Neilson continues to amaze me with his ability to write Wikipedia pages about people that I would have thought already had terrific Wikipedia pages, but didn't. Amanda Bauer is the recipient of a brand new page this week. I don't know if she would agree, but I like how he sums up her research, I totally understand this. "She is a Research Astronomer at Australia's largest optical observatory, the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO), where her principal field of research concerns how galaxies form, how they create new stars, and particularly why they stop creating new stars. "

And lastly here is a rewrite that was long overdue. Another team effort by GSoW and a couple of non GSoW Australian skeptics (different people from the MMM helpers) Would you believe that Facilitated Communication is still being used, even though there is no evidence that it works, and nearly the entire medical and educational community has clearly stated that it is "devoid of scientific plausibility". This page attracts over 3,000 views each month, every month for years and years. So obviously it is a good idea that it is written correctly, with plenty of links for interested people to gain more knowledge if needed.

Remember that Wikipedia is only a starting point for gaining knowledge. It is the fifth most viewed website in the world. It is where most people gain their knowledge on the Internet. It is also beyond important that our community do its darn best to bring these pages up to snuff. Education is the key.
GSoW is always looking for organized people willing to go though weeks of training, with lots of feedback and all happening on a private forum. We want people who finish what they start, accept constructive criticism well, and bring no drama to our community. I promise you will learn things you never thought you could learn, about people, organizations and paranormal topics that you will probably dream about when your immersed in editing about them.
If interested we now have a YouTube channel that we are starting to fill with videos that will help you decide if you are ready to take this step or not.
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March 26th, 1:19 am  ·  

Did anybody go to see An Honest Liar yet? Is there interest to do a meetup to go see it? It is at the music box theater for a few weeks. ... See MoreSee Less

March 25th, 1:54 pm  ·  

Make the most of your skepticism! ... See MoreSee Less

March 24th, 11:09 am  ·  

Is anyone here going to the Atheist Convention in April? I'd like to go but I need to split hotel costs and etc. ... See MoreSee Less

March 23rd, 10:07 pm  ·  

Today I saw a car with bumper stickers like "Stop Monsanto, "Eat Organic," and "Label GM Foods." The driver was smoking. My thought: "You've got bigger problems, dude. You're worried about fake 'toxins' while sucking actual toxic materials into your lungs!" ... See MoreSee Less

March 23rd, 9:39 pm  ·  

Posted because I think one of the coolest things a person can do is to look at the evidence, think about it, and change their mind.

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March 23rd, 11:25 am  ·  

It's the last day of Chi Fi. What does the skeptical track have to offer?

8:30 Evaluating Parenting Information with Melanie Mallon, Casandra Phoenix, Kavin Senapathy, Jenny Splitter, Emily Sexton, and more

10:00 Communicating Skepticism with Ashley Hamer, Dan Abramov, Jenny Splitter, and me!

11:30 Science and the Humaities with Matt Lowry, Marcus A Davis, Emily Finke, and more

1:00 Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence with Dan Abramov, Ashley Hamer, Kevin Senapathy, me and more

2:00pm Finally, the big finale: Quizotron!
- Monroe Room (Main Stage), 6th Floor

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March 22nd, 8:45 am  ·