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Have you seen the list going around, compiled by anti-vaxxers, that names 30,000 people as "trolls"? Did you make the list? Making the list is a great honor. We invite you to thank the anti-vaxxers for including you by donating $1 to VFV and sharing this post on an anti-vaccine page to let them know how appreciative you are of them recognizing your great work. www.voicesforvaccines.org/support If you didn't make the list, donating to VFV and sharing this post on an anti-vaccine page will likely help land you on the list next time! Find the Troll List here! www.tavs.info/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/troll.list_.html

May 20th, 4:56 pm  ·  

Bring your dollars to Skepticamp, we will be raffling off one of these fantastically fluffy, 15" plush narwhals on May 31. Yes, the power of the narwhal can be yours!

Why a narwhal, you ask? Well, I'll tell you:
You see, Chicago Skeptics has a monthly Salon at which we discuss books of skeptical interest. Being the types of people we are, manymany opinions clamor to be heard, often all at once.
To help keep the peace one fine evening, our welcoming host Jennifer brought out her Squishable narwhal, the softest, cuddliest narwhal-ball you've ever seen. It was decreed that when you hold the narwhal, other skeptics stop to listen to what you have to say. Thus, the narwhal became the Chicago Skeptics talking stick!
Not only is it distractingly fluffy, but it's also relatively safe to toss across the room to the next person who wishes to speak. (Just watch out for wine glasses.) And now you, too can have the power of the NARWHAL on your side!

Narwhal raffle tickets will be sold only at Skepticamp, $1 each or 6 for $5.
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May 18th, 10:12 pm  ·  

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Are You More Logical than a College Student?

June 20, 2015, 12:30pm

Teaching college students to recognize logical fallacies is an important step towards teaching critical thinking. However, learning logical fallacies is challenging because of the proliferation of types fallacious reasoning (e.g. Reductio ad Absurdum, Hasty Generalization), the many overlapping terms (e.g. Begging the Question, Circular Reasoning, Tautology), and because of confusion with non-technical terms (e.g. jumping to conclusions, slippery slope). A more creative approach is needed. Because logical fallacies involve subtle errors in the kinds of reasoning people do on an everyday basis (e.g. understanding cause and effect), a critical first step in understanding them is identifying routine reasoning patterns. Once these are understood, logical fallacies fall into place as an error in one of these patterns, simultaneously clarifying types of fallacious reasoning, the many overlapping terms, and the confusion with non-technical uses. About our speaker: Dr. Preston Becker received his Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Delaware. He has taught English in France and China, and at the college level in the U.S. He currently teaches writing and critical thinking at Delaware Technical Community College in Wilmington, Delaware. He can be reached at Dr.Becker@hotmail.com.

May 17th, 11:04 pm  ·  

If you are in Chicago come see my good friend Christian Cagigal perform some live magic and show a screening of his film! It's even FREE!! Reserve a seat at www.PublicAccessTheatre.org ... See MoreSee Less

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