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At Midway Airport there's a gate B11 and next to it there's a gate B15. There is however, no gate B13. The skeptics movement still has a long road ahead of it. ... See MoreSee Less

July 23rd, 8:38 am

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Why moon landings could not have been faked.
Back then it was easier to send people to the moon that do the visual effects.
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July 22nd, 5:14 pm

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Hi, my name is Wendy Anne.
I am new here and I also have my own group, which you are very welcome to join!
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July 20th, 8:38 am

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Anyone have any advise on how to look at the Israeli Palestinian conflict skeptically? I find it near impossible to decipher what is likely to be real from what is likely to be false. ... See MoreSee Less

July 18th, 7:30 pm

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