Skepticamp 2013!

March 2nd, 2013.

Irish American Heritage Center
4626 N Knox Ave, Chicago, IL

This year’s schedule:

10:00 Doors Open
10:30 Introduction
10:40 William McFadden: The Physical Basis of Biology
11:00 Jamie Bernstein: A Not Boring Talk About Statistical Significance
11:20 Marcus A Davis: The Bayesian Guide to Skepticism
11:40 Bob Blaskiewicz: Conspiracy Theories, or Why Does the Antichrist Want to Vaccinate You with Nanothermic Aspartame?
12:00 Break 
12:10 Matt Lowry: Creationism, Evolution, and Our Communication Gap
12:30 Aubrey Henretty: Words With Skeptics
12:50 Arthur Wawrzyczek: False Appropriation of Skepticism
1:10 Phil Ferguson: Investing Skeptically
1:30 Chana Messinger: Someone is Wrong on the Internet! (And possibly in real life as well)
1:50 Lunch 
2:40 Jennifer Cross: Decoding Fight Science: 
Demystifying and Deconstruction the Woo in the World of Martial Arts
3:00 Hemant Mehta: Post First, Ask Questions Later
3:20 Alan C. Fusco, PhD How Skeptical Should We Be? Where Do We Draw the Line?
3:40 Kate Donovan: Myths & Misinformation: How We Get Mental Health Wrong
4:00 Thom Britton: Stealing Magic: Creating Wonder from Reality
4:20 Break
4:30 William Brinkman: UFOs Over South Elgin?
4:50 Alexandria Kalika: Is Skeptical Bible study necessary as a useful tool or a waste of time better spent else where?
5:10 Doug McCarthy: Audio Pareidolia
5:30 Ali Marie: Passport to the Past
5:50 Closing
The bar will be open to the public after the event, and you’re welcome to stay.

Though Skepticamp is free to attend, there are several significant expenses for making it a reality. If you’d like to help, please click the link below:

Unfortunately, donations are not tax-deductible at this time.

What is a Skepticamp?

Skepticamp is an opportunity for us to get together to learn about different ares of skepticism from our fellow group members. These talks give an opportunity for individuals to delve into particular areas of skepticism…both the tried and true topics and those that may not get as much attention in the regular blogs and articles. Skepticamps encourage as many people as possible to give a talk…and certainly encourages first-time speakers to try their hand at presenting in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

For more info on skepticamps in general, visit:

One of the principles of Skepticamp is that everyone participates either by talking or helping in some way. We are already having planning committee meetings, and interested parties can still help. Other ways to help will be announced as we get closer to the date…setup and cleanup crews, distributing publicity, etc. (Nobody is going to be turned away because they don’t have a specific job, though.)

Skepticamp is a participant supported event. If you’d like to help offset some of the financial costs incurred by the organizers, please consider making a donation below. We’ll also be accepting money at the event.

Questions? E-mail